Hotel Thorbecke has a perfect location at the Thorbecke Square which is connected with the famous Rembrandt Square in the city centre of Amsterdam.

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Thorbecke Hotel - Amsterdam


The Thorbecke Hotel is situated in the heart of Amsterdam at the biggest nightlife area of Amsterdam city centre.

Thorbecke Square

The Thorbeckeplein (Thorbecke Square) is right next to the Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square) and is surrounded by exclusive shopping areas, museums, galleries, smartshops and coffee shops.

Art Market

Every Sunday there is market showing and selling art right in front of the hotel at the Thorbecke Square.


History about Thorbecke:  Johan R. Thorbecke was a Dutch politician who lived from 1798 until 1872. Thorbecke was a prominent figure of Dutch liberal politics in the 19th Century. He also helped with the revision of the constitution in 1848 and helped create a number of important laws (including the Voting law). Thorbecke was minister of Internal Affairs in the periods 1849-1853, 1862-1866 and 1871-1872.